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 Sheriff Sales are Held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 am in the Lobby outside of the Sheriffs Office in the city county building at 501  E. Court Ave., Jeffersonville.
 Anyone bidding on property must bring a letter of credit from the bank to John Hawkins at the Sheriffs Office.
 The letter must state the amount of money that is available to that person so I know that person can bid up to that amount of money on the property for sale.
 The person that places the highest bid for the property must pay into the Sheriffs Office the day of the sale, the full amount that was bid on the property.


**** ********************** Sheriff Sales 2014*****************************     ________________________________________________________

Apr. 1st          739 N Mckinley Ave., Clarksville
Apr. 1st          203 Martin Circle, Jeffersonville
Apr. 1st          437 Mechanic Street, Jeffersonville

Apr. 3rd          2214 Surrey Road, Jeffersonville***CANCELLED***
Apr. 3rd          3705 Alvin Dr., Jeffersonville
Apr. 3rd          15622 Highway 62, Charlestown***CANCELLED***
Apr. 3rd          1409 Monroe St., Charlestown***CANCELLED***
Apr. 3rd          620 Mockingbird Drive, Jeffersonville***CANCELLED***
Apr. 3rd          1415 Duncan Ave., Jeffersonville
Apr. 3rd          827 Mechanic Street, Jeffersonville
Apr. 3rd          Lot 33, Dora Drive, Sellersburg
Apr. 3rd          1209 Windmill Lane, Jeffersonville
Apr. 3rd          8404 Marion Martin Rd., Charlestown
Apr. 3rd          Lot 33 Dora Drive, Sellersburg

Apr. 8th          2815 Boulder Ridge Drive, Jeffersonville
Apr. 8th          814 Sharon Drive, Jeffersonville

Apr.15th         530 Howard Ave., Clarksville***CANCELLED***
Apr.15th         522 Mockingbird Drive, Jeffersonville
Apr.15th         427 Graham St., Jeffersonville***CANCELLED***
Apr.15th         302 Glendale Drive, Charlestown***CANCELLED***
Apr.15th         2221 Hamburg Pike, Jeffersonville
Apr.15th         528 Foothill Road, Sellersburg***CANCELLED***
Apr.15th         1206 Sandstone Dr., Jeffersonville
Apr.15th         1024 Mayfair Ave., Clarksville

Apr. 17th        1911 Flintlock Dr., Jeffersonville
Apr. 17th        210 Kings Circle, Jeffersonville***CANCELLED***
Apr. 17th        8200 Zachary Dr., Charlestown
Apr. 17th        4507 Viola Drive, Jeffersonville***CANCELLED***
Apr. 17th        2013 Stering Oaks Drive, Sellersburg
Apr. 17th        12006 Covered Bridge Road, Sellersburg***CANCELLED***
Apr. 17th        520 Henretty Rd., Underwood***CANCELLED***
Apr. 17th        13122 Sunnybrook Dr., Memphis***CANCELLED***

Apr. 22nd        126 Webster Blvd., Jeffersonville***CANCELLED***
Apr. 22nd        715 Lexington St., Otisco
Apr. 22nd        2915 Meadowlark Road, Jeffersonville***CANCELLED***

Apr. 24th         2907 Bishop Road, Jeffersonville
Apr. 24th         2247 Lombardy Dr., Clarksville
Apr. 24th         407 North Indiana Ave., Sellersburg

May 1st           400 W Jefferson Ave., Clarksville
May 1st           413 Reba Jackson Drive, Jeffersonville***CANCELLED***
May 1st           123 E Charlestown Ave., Jeffersonville
May 1st           2215 Meadowbrook Way, Jeffersonville

May 6th          100 Padua Street, Clarksville
May 6th          6314 Sky View Ln., Charlestown
May 6th          1508 Nina Rd., Jeffersonville
May 6th          17115 Highway 31 S. Henryville
May 6th          3919 Halls Corner Rd., Underwood
May 6th          818 Iowa St., Sellersburg

May 8th           921 Silverwood Drive, Clarksville
May 8th           308 Mechanic Street, Jeffersonville***CANCELLED***
May 8th           730 Cornell Ave., Clarksville
May 8th           2911 River Heritage Trail, Jeffersonville
May 8th           419 Creek Rd., Jeffersonville

May 13th         1018 Sharon Dr., Jeffersonville
May 13th         118 Cherry Street, Henryville
May 13th         6706 Dovir Woods Dr., Sellersburg
May 13th         2012 Woodland Court, Jeffersonville

May 15th         5105 Highway 3, Otisco
May 15th         1308 Beagle Club Road, Underwood
May 15th         6310 Horizon Way, Charlestown
May 15th         3211 Gardner Blvd., Jeffersonville
May 15th         308 W. Brooks Ave., Clarksville

May 20th         106 Stark Drive, Borden
May 20th         2312 Arthur St., Jeffersonville
May 20th         927 Pennsylvania Ave., Jeffersonville
May 20th         13231 Sunnybrook Dr., Memphis
May 20th         3101 Douglas Blvd., Jeffersonville
May 20th         555 Wildwood Road, Sellersburg***CANCELLED***
May 20th         3522 Cummins Rd., Borden

May 22nd        3111 Heritage Heights Way, Jeffersonville
May 22nd        618 Ewing Lane, Jeffersonville
May 22nd        4208 Limestone Trace, Jeffersonville
May 22nd        3200 Heritage Heights Way, Jeffersonville

May 27th         1030 Locust St., Jeffersonville
May 27th         2332 Tupelo Dr., Clarksville

May 29th         103 West Harrison Ave., Clarksville
May 29th         7913 Hillside Dr., Sellersburg
May 29th         4506 Brandon Circle, Sellersburg***CANCELLED***
May 29th         12611 Bennettsville Rd., Memphis
May 29th         11509 Independence Way, Sellersburg
May 29th         5429 Sky Ridge Road, Charlestown

Jun 3rd            1409 Monroe St., Charlestown***CANCELLED***
Jun 3rd            402 Wyckcliff Drive, Otisco

Jun 5th            3302 Evergreen Cir., Jeffersonville
Jun 5th            907 Webster Blvd., Jeffersonvile

Jun 10th          1315  Hebron Church Road, Henryville
Jun 10th          3602  Sunrise Circle, Jeffersonville
Jun 10th          1602  Tunnel Mill Rd., Charlestown
Jun 10th          410  Jefferson  Street, Jeffersonville






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