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Sheriff Sales are Held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 am in the Lobby outside of the Sheriffs Office in the city county building at 501  E. Court Ave., Jeffersonville.
 Anyone bidding on property must bring a letter of credit from the bank to John Hawkins at the Sheriffs Office.
 The letter must state the amount of money that is available to that person so I know that person can bid up to that amount of money on the property for sale.
 The person that places the highest bid for the property must pay into the Sheriffs Office the day of the sale, the full amount that was bid on the property.


**** ********************** Sheriff Sales  2014*********************       

Sept. 2nd          1311 Peach Road, Jeffersonville
Sept. 2nd          2813 Boulder Ridge Dr., Jeffersonville***CANCELLED***

Sept. 4th           6310 Horizon Way, Charlestown

Sept. 11th         124 Hodge St., Charlestown
Sept. 11th         4406 Leaf Circle , Sellersburg***CANCELLED***
Sept. 11th         426 North Randolph Ave., Clarksville
Sept. 11th         223 East Maple St., Jeffersonville
Sept. 11th         6607 Cameron Drive, Charlestown***CANCELLED***
Sept. 11th         555 Wildwood Rd., Sellersburg***CANCELLED***
Sept. 11th         905 Sycamore Drive, Jeffersonville
Sept. 11th         1304 East Walford Drive, Jeffersonville
Sept. 11th         905 Presidential Place, Jeffersonville
Sept. 11th         1426 Villa Court, Charlestown***CANCELLED***

Sept. 16th         4806 Scales Dr., Jeffersonville***CANCELLED***
Sept. 16th         6207 Ridgefield Drive, Charlestown***CANCELLED***
Sept. 16th         1710 Charlestown New Albany Rd., #90, Jeffersonville***CANCELLED***

Sept. 18th         805 Longfield Dr., Clarksville
Sept. 18th         402 Wyckcliff Drive, Otisco
Sept. 18th         1123 Cedarview Drive, Jeffersonville
Sept. 18th         11 Charles Pl., Charlestown

Sept. 25th         4017 Highway 3 , Charlestown
Sept. 25th         7046 Plum Creek Dr, Sellersburg
Sept. 25th         4114 Charlestown Pike, Jeffersonville
Sept. 25th         11515 Yorktown Blvd., Sellersburg
Sept. 25th         1807 Jonquil Drive, Jeffersonville

Sept. 25th          111 West Carter Ave., Clarksville
Sept. 25th          226 E Park Pl, Jeffersonville
Sept. 25th          406 Chippewa Dr., Jeffersonville
Sept. 25th          1802 Twinbrook Drive, Sellersburg

Oct. 2nd          11920 Magellan Way, Sellersburg
Oct. 2nd          1510 Altawood Dr., Clarksville***CANCELLED***
Oct. 2nd          914 North Clark Blvd., Clarksville
Oct. 2nd          3904 Hay Market Drive, Jeffersonville
Oct. 2nd          4203 Lakeside Court, Sellersburg
Oct. 2nd          1616  Old Potters Lane, Clarksville

Oct. 7th           114 Saint Joe Rd. East, Sellersburg
Oct. 7th           1416 Grubbs Ave., Jeffersonville

Oct. 9th           4202 Queens Court, Jeffersonville
Oct. 9th           2509 Bishop Cir, Jeffersonville
Oct. 9th           918 Spicewood Drive, Clarksville
Oct. 9th           210 Borden Ridge Drive, Borden
Oct. 9th           6220 Aurora Ave., Charlestown

Oct. 14th         3 Louise St., Jeffersonville
Oct. 14th         223 Walnut Street, Jeffersonville

Oct. 16th         6801 Twin Springs Drive, Sellersburg
Oct. 16th         104 Stark Drive, Borden
Oct. 16th         1109  Sandstone Drive, Jeffersonville
Oct. 16th         5812 Concord Court, Jeffersonville

Oct. 21st         3109 Wheatfield Blvd., Jeffersonville
Oct. 21st         7520 Eagle Ridge Dr., Sellersburg
Oct. 21st         113 Altra Dr., Clarksville
Oct. 21st         2900 Middle Rd., Apt. 8, Jeffersonville
Oct. 21st         128 Hanger Ave., Sellersburg
Oct. 21st         201 W Carter Ave., Clarksville
Oct. 21st         4135 Lakeside Dr., Sellersburg
Oct. 21st         109 Myrtle Street, Jeffersonville
Oct. 21st         4717 New Chapel Rd., Jeffersonville
Oct. 21st         6314  Sky View Ln., Charlestown

Oct. 23rd         303 West Washington St., Clarksville
Oct. 23rd         1008 Nettle Ridge Rd., Jeffersonville
Oct. 23rd         3613 Alyn Court, Jeffersonville
Oct. 23rd         3510 Banner Drive, Jeffersonville
Oct. 23rd         7818 Rain Creek Drive, Henryville
Oct. 23rd         23708 Forest Green Dr., Borden
Oct. 23rd         6409 Westwood Drive, Charlestown

Oct. 28th         3326 Norma Dr., Jeffersonville
Oct. 28th         691 High Street, Charlestown
Oct. 28th         916 S Sherwood Ave., Clarksville
Oct. 28th         546 Foothill Rd., Sellersburg
Oct. 28th         3847  Ridgetop  Circle,  Jeffersonville***CANCELLED***

Oct. 30th         1021 Teakwood Drive, Clarksville
Oct. 30th         2061  Cardinal Lane, Jeffersonville
Oct. 30th         103 W Harrison Ave., Clarksville
Oct. 30th         121 Taylor St., Henryville***CANCELLED***
Oct. 30th         620 Mockingbird Dr., Jeffersonville
Oct. 30th         370 Louise Street, Jeffersonville
Oct. 30th         304 Glendale Drive, Charlestown
Oct. 30th         13218 Sunnybrook Dr., Memphis
Oct. 30th         313 Villa Drive, Sellersburg
Oct. 30th         5828 Pine St., Jeffersonville
Oct. 30th         120 East Stansifer Ave., Clarksville

Nov. 6th          208 Dogwood Trail, Borden
Nov. 6th          2420 Woodland Court, Jeffersonville
Nov. 6th          325 Locust St., Jeffersonville
Nov. 6th          812 Main Street, Jeffersonville
Nov. 6th          629 Nevada Dr., Sellersburg






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